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About Us



Fiddle Around Co was recently created to help my little girls and myself to get through all the days spent at home during this pandemic. They love to be able to use their minds and create. The dough kits give my girls some time to use their imagination and their hands to build a creative what ever they envision. Making themed kits was so exciting for my girls so I wanted to try and give that to your family as well!


My and my husband have been married for 8 years and have 2 beautiful daughters together. We have been wanting to take our own leap into owning a business and that happened when one day I started making dough kits. He has been nothing but supportive through this and helping where he can and for that, thank you babe!


We hope that these play kits are able to give education, play and relaxation. Especially giving parents some time to use this kits and have a few moments of calm play. I think the number 1 thing I hear back from parents that have purchased out kits is that they can't believe their child has been sitting and playing for the last hour! Thats exactly what I want to be able to give to you!


Our dough is made of wheat flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food grade colouring and essential oils. We recommend adult supervision during play time with the kits. Dough is not for consumption.


We can't wait for you to get to playing! Enjoy!